A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Deep in the farthest corners of space, there are 2 opposing forces fighting for control of the galaxy...

You shall fight to decide who will be declared ultimate champion of the galaxy in the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE...

Capture the flag! but there is a twist, you have the ability to jump from planet to planet and this adds a whole new aspect into the classic game. 

Who will use this power to their advantage, who will fail miserably, there is only 1 way to find out...

Challenge your friends in the exciting new game of SPACE CHASE, a capture the flag adventure and see who will be the ULTIMATE CHAMPION


WASD/Arrow Keys -  Moving (Blue/Red)

Left/Right Shift -  Place Walls (Blue/Red)

F/Enter - Shooting (Blue/Red)

Programmer: Hyperwolf - https://hyperwolf.itch.io/

Artist: prof_crabpot


Space Chase.zip 13 MB
Space Chase.app.zip 16 MB
Space Chase.x86 30 MB